The Chianina of Umbria

The Chianina of Umbria

The Chianina of Umbria

In the heart of Umbria, between the historic cities of Todi and Perugia, lies Poggio Aquilone, a charming location where our company passionately dedicates itself to breeding Chianina cattle. Spanning 560 hectares of rolling hills, these prized cattle thrive in a natural and unspoiled environment, ensuring meat of the highest quality.

Chianina: history and tradition

Originating from the Val di Chiana, the Chianina is one of the oldest and most prestigious cattle breeds in the world. Known for its lean, tender, and flavorful meat, the Chianina represents a symbol of Italian gastronomic excellence. At Poggio Aquilone, we keep these traditions alive, offering a product that reflects the unique characteristics of this breed.

A natural breeding method

Our semi-free-range breeding method allows the cattle to graze freely in the hills of Poggio Aquilone, benefiting from natural feed and wide open spaces. This approach not only ensures the well-being of the animals but also helps preserve the environment and the biodiversity of the area. The result is superior quality meat with an authentic and unmistakable taste.

Sustainable and organic farming

A fundamental aspect of our breeding farm is sustainability. Thanks to our cattle, we can organically fertilize the entire farm, improving soil quality and promoting sustainable cultivation. Moreover, we produce a balanced and organic diet for our animals ourselves, without using industrial feed. This allows us to guarantee a completely natural and environmentally friendly production chain.

Quality and trust: our strengths

In recent years, consumer trust in the beef market has declined. However, thanks to our dedication and the high quality of our product, we have managed to regain this trust. Every stage of production, from breeding to processing and packaging the meat, is carried out with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a safe and certified product.

Limited production, guaranteed excellence

Our philosophy focuses on quality rather than quantity. We produce small quantities of Chianina meat, rigorously certified at every stage of its journey. Each cut is meticulously documented, providing all the necessary information for optimal use in the kitchen. This approach allows us to guarantee an exclusive product, destined for a select clientele that truly appreciates excellence.

Personalized consultations and support

Our commitment does not end with the sale of the product. We offer personalized consultations to our clients, guiding them in selecting and using the cuts to ensure a unique culinary experience. Our comprehensive documentation and the transparency of our operations are additional quality guarantees that set us apart in the market.

Discover the True Chianina of Poggio Aquilone

Our company is proud to carry on the tradition of Chianina breeding in the hills of Poggio Aquilone, offering an excellent product that embodies the authenticity and quality of the Umbrian territory. We invite you to discover the authentic taste of our Chianina meat and let yourself be captivated by its uniqueness. A journey into flavor and tradition that only a few select customers can experience.