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A magnificent gift to bring a selection of traditional organic products to the table.

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Discover the best of nature with our exclusive organic gift box, a symphony of artisanal and genuine flavours. Get ready to savor the goodness of selected legumes, cereals, ancient grain flours and the finest extra virgin olive oil. Each product is grown with love and respect for the environment, ensuring not only an exceptional dining experience but also a contribution to your health and the well-being of the planet. Choose quality, embrace health - give or treat yourself to the perfect organic gift box!

The box contains: a 500g pack of Durum Wheat Spaghettoni Senatore Capelli, a 350g pack of Zuppa di Poggio Aquilone, a 500g pack of Senatore Capelli Durum Wheat Vitoni, a 300g pack of boiled black chickpeas , a 500ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a 500g pack of lentils, a 500g pack of monococcum pearl spelt, a 500g pack of cannellino beans, a 500g pack of chickpea flour.

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