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Our philosophy

The BioAlberti company is the result of a history that has lasted for almost a hundred years, which began in the 1930s with the purchase by the great-grandfather of Andrea and Benedetta Alberti of a large part of the land along the Fersinone stream and in the surrounding hills, in the heart of Umbria, at Poggio Aquilone. Poggio Aquilone is a charming medieval village from the 1200s, formerly owned by the counts of Marsciano, then a possession of the nobles of Perugia until 1831, a village in which already in the eighteenth century a Monte Frumentario was established to collect the grains, therefore an indication of a cultivation of cereals already flourishing at the time. Currently BioAlberti covers an area of ​​560 hectares located between the provinces of Perugia and Terni, characterized by marly-limestone soil, vast woods and cultivated fields.

Our values

Orientation towards quality, Integrity, respect for the environment, centrality of people's development

Our daily commitment is to try to obtain high quality, authentic and genuine raw materials. The lands within the organic farm are in fact cultivated as in ancient times, in rotation, and fertilized with organic fertilizers from the farm's Chianina cattle breeding.

Our ethics are based on the following principles
Legality: base every behavior and decision on compliance with the laws, regulations and, in general, with the applicable regulatory provisions.
Integrity: consider ethics as a factor of primary importance and base the achievement of corporate results on this guiding principle.
Sustainability: Continuously look for ways to improve environmental performance, minimize waste, emissions and discharges from operations.

Sustainability not only places the accent on organic agriculture, which we apply tout-court, from a careful integrated struggle without the use of pesticides and herbicides, but also through proper waste management, from the use of recycled paper to the reduced use of plastics, from the reduction of CO2 emissions to energy independence.

The main factor of success is the professional contribution of the people who work in the corporate context, in a framework of mutual loyalty and trust; in this context, considering the passion for success, for making one's contribution and for excellence a fundamental element of development, the BioAlberti Company undertakes to guarantee equal opportunities and to favor the professional growth of all, in order to promote processes of change and innovation.